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IDCARE is the national identity and cybersecurity support community service operating across Australia and New Zealand.

We are a registered charity, however we rely solely on organisations seeing value in our services and that wish to provide their customers with superior care from our award winning services. We do not receive or accept donation income or funding from government grants.

What we do

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Addressing the risks

IDCARE plays a crucial role in addressing the risks and concerns of the community (your customers) and staff when their accounts or personal information is exposed from scams, identity or cyber crimes and data breaches. Our Identity Security Case Managers now manage 3,000+ requests for help per month.

We provide education resources and advocacy for victims and for industry-wide changes. In 2020 IDCARE’s scam victim response guide was adopted by the Australian Payments Network as the industry’s standard for engaging and responding to customers confronting scams and identity crimes.

Identity security

Every day our Case Managers and Incident Responders help the community to respond to issues and events. We have an intimate knowledge of what actions to take to mitigate risks and restore your identity across more than 1,000 organisations.

Our Incident Advisors and Identity Security Operations Centre also assist firms of all sizes managing cyber security threats, alerts about identity credentials, insights about shifts in behaviours or scams and manage data breach incidents (accidental or malicious).

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The age of digital services & e-commerce

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Every organisation is heavily reliant on the collection of personal data to provide convenient digital service options and e-commerce. Social media and many free platforms rely on the ability to trade in personal data insights. However it is quick to lose that engagement when trust is broken in the provision of those services.

Data collection

It is vital for all organisations to be aware of how they capture, collect and transmit data inside and outside of their business and to keep evolving to threats to information systems, your processes and key staff.

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Businesses of all sizes and Government departments engage IDCARE in two main ways.

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Join a growing community of peers

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Our customers are your customers

Many organisations customer service or fraud/cyber desks are struggling with the volume of complex issues resulting from customers caught up in scams, fraud, identity or cyber related issues. Customers present with a wide variety of impacts from a single event which requires help beyond a single organisation and at a time of personal crisis raising anxiety, fear, anger and many other emotions.

IDCARE subscribers are able refer customers to our specialist Case Managers who have access to an unparalleled library of actions to help your customer faster with a range of organisations. Faster and holistic support means your customer’s can mitigate their risks (and your organisations risks) sooner.

Brand-building satisfaction and trust

Today, when customers or staff experience an identity or cyber issue, they are left to contact 10-20+ organisations about their accounts taking hours of frustrating effort especially when they get conflicting advice. Frequently ill-equipped help desks or procedures adds to poor experiences when a customer can feel at their most vulnerable with the loss of access, finances, ability to obtain services. By subscribing and referring those customers or staff via a unique code to IDCARE, our qualified case managers provide tailored and personalised support that means your customers are 2.5 basis points more satisfied than those customers who are left to their own devices to fix their accounts.

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Differentiate with decisions, not just alerts

Cyber, fraud, risk and privacy teams often feel overwhelmed with the amount of alerting they receive from technology services. IDCARE provides you with actionable data relating to real risks. Our Identity Security Operations Centre draws on real empirical data, the real behaviours of customers and cyber criminals to provide you with information on real risks to action. Industry benchmarks help you to differentiate your customer services.

IDCARE’s profiling and alerting has a reputation for identifying high value identity or security data that other services don’t find, allowing quick action for your organisation to implement counter security measures. Also, we don’t rebrand European or North American centric search tools that struggle to find meaningful and relevant Australian and New Zealand content. Our capability is without rival and home grown.

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The difference we make together

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Reducing the impact, harm and effort

At IDCARE we believe in reducing the impact, harm and effort associated with recovering from scams, fraud, identity misuse, data breaches and cyber crimes. We aim with each engagement to raise the education and resilience of every customer to better avoid these issues in the future.

Together with IDCARE, you will not only be providing direct support to your customers, you will also be reducing the stress experienced by your staff in managing these complexities, improving your ability to action real risks, and joining a community who together can resolve gaps in processes to make it harder for cyber criminals to succeed.

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