Cyber Security Services

There can appear to be many similar services to choose from however our results to identify previously unknown breaches, uncover data risks to Australian and New Zealand customers not known to others and develop methods that others want to be trained in, mean we are fast developing a reputation across industries.

Recruitment Online Profiles

Key executives or board directors can be the subject of phishing or whaling attacks. An online profile risk assessment can be an important check for both parties to know if any residual risks from breaches exist or proactively identify other areas to reduce potential for security risks.

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Profiling & Alerting

*Dark web & open sources*

IDCARE’s profiling and alerting has a reputation for identifying high value identity or security data that other services don’t find, allowing quick action for your organisation to implement counter security measures. Also, we don’t rebrand European or North American centric search tools that struggle to find meaningful and relevant Australian and New Zealand content. Our capability is without rival and home grown.

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Cyber First Aid for Devices

We can investigate cyber security issues like remote access, malware and spyware on your business devices and run cleaning tools. This is specialist capability that is thorough (not general IT). It saves you time and gets you back operating again safely. If you go over 10hrs you can pay by the appointment.

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Education Services

Subscribers ask for training annually to update frontline staff on new scams, new techniques and new insights to behaviours of victims and cyber criminals. Satisfaction rates have been 9.5 / 10. Our training is delivered via webinar or in person (pending Covid conditions). Our learning centre has many free resources as well.

The Identity, Cyber & Privacy Protection Response System

Comprehensive overview of the identity, cyber and scam response systems (specific courses are run for Australian or New Zealand audiences).

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Engaging, Responding & Reducing Scam Victim Harm

This is a one day workshop that leads participants through strategies and approaches designed to improve scam victim engagement and communication strategies that reduce harm and maximise response needs.

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Frontline Staff Care in Working with Victims of Crime

Front-line Staff Breach Notification Preparedness Training – prepare your front-line staff on what to expect when engaging directly with impacted persons following a data breach notification.

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Managing Data Breaches Events - A Harm Reduction Approach

To provide the most up to date breach response methods and techniques for incident handlers that provide the best chance of turning a confidence damaging event into a confidence enhancing event.

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Case Studies

Enhance your communications to staff and customers with real case studies in the form of audio (podcasts), video and written provided every month. Or ask for a custom case study.

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